Cat-stravaganza! Cat-astrophe?

By the lack of posts you may have wondered where I’ve been.  As you may guess I’m not currently in Korea.  I’m in New Zealand for the summer (That’s home to me and yes, it’s summer down here.  IT’S AWESOME).

I have a part time job in a call centre at the moment and yesterday at work my fellow call centre-ites were incredibly bored which lead to these:


Thank you to Emily and Jordan for keeping me sane during a horribly boring shift!


Tell us, strangee fans, which is your favourite cat?

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Happy Pepero Day!!!

Pepero Day is upon us all.  Well, all living in SoKo at the moment.  In the spirit of Pepero Day and its deep, history-filled reason to celebrate, I have created a masterpiece.


Pepero Day is 11/11 for those of you who don’t know, also known as four stick day (for obvious reasons).  The story goes that some teenage girls in Busan started giving each other Pepero sticks because they wanted to be tall and slim like a Pepero stick.  Very healthy body image huh!  So in homage to those Busan girls, I’ve gone one better and created Pepero people!  Because we’d all love to look like that.

Pocky chocolate is the Japanese version that seems to be more widely available in the rest of the world.  So if you missed Pepero Day go out and get some Pocky and make someone’s day a little bit nicer :)


People in the image – you know who you are and I can’t wait to see you soon!

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I know I’m a slacker, but I’m still here!


Apologies all round.   For your viewing pleasure I have collated a few gems from Korean hagwons in the meantime while I get my computer stuff sorted.



Korean 9 year olds – charming ain’t they?

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Fan death 8

This brings me to the theory of fan death wherein the fan blades are spinning so fast, oxygen particles in the air are cut up by the blades as they are sucked into the fan.

Confirmed?  Plausible?  Busted?  You be the judge!

NB: Yes, I have just been watching Mythbusters.

Writer’s note:  I finally have an up and running computer (a shiny new mac) and so am able to finish my comics!  I’ve had this one on hold for a few weeks now and am glad it’s come to fruition.  Spread the good news – weekly postings will start again!  And for all those in Daejeon – don’t worry, I’ll be back soon!

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To my readers (all nine of you!),

Apologies for the lack of comics as of late.  Between moving countries, helping out with a wedding and buying a new computer I have not had the resources or time to finish any lately.

But don’t fret!  Strangee will be back in full force before the end of September so don’t you worry your little brains off.

In strangeness always,

The Writer.

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Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man!

I used to wonder what these things would say if they could talk.

…I always knew they were evil.

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Weekly Essay

At least his spelling is correct!

Year, Yeah, The fucky story in Date, I’m going to man-middle school.  so fuck man school is NO the girl. girls is only teacher.  Dat what?  Dating? I’m going to fucking man-middle school So No ore girls in here school!! Shit!  I don’t know a girl, So I don’t know wat Date.  oh shit!  I don’t know this topic f of essay.  So, before this essay give, First you have we have some friends

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